Click the Bookmarklet and
Find the Tweetable Sentences
On Any Web Page

(When it works.)

Add the SavePublishing button to any web page!

To get a button like this:

Just copy-and-paste this code onto your page. It's just a regular <a href> link that calls some JavaScript. Feel free to modify it in any way you like to make it work on your page. There's no obligation to use the button image.

Note! This is alpha! It's free! There you go!

I have no idea if it works in IE. It does work in Chrome, FireFox, and Safari.

Get the free bookmarklet!

Just grab this link right here: SavePublishing ... and drag it to your browser's bookmark toolbar.

If It's Tweetable You Can Tweet It!

Sharing. It's hard work. You're browsing and want to share an article. But all the sentences seem too long! Wouldn't it be great if you could find just the tweetable sentences?

Again with the bookmarklet!

Just drag this bad boy into your bookmarks bar and expect your mind to be blown: SavePublishing.

Here it is in a cut-and-pasteable form, for mobile

I'm told that if you cut and paste that whole thing and do something your mobile browser it will work.

Instructions for iPhone/iPad

Courtesy of MisterD:

  1. In Safari on iOS: Copy and paste the bookmarklet source code above.
  2. Tap the share arrow (next to the URL field in Mobile Safari) and choose Bookmark. It doesn’t matter what page you’re on… you just need the bookmark. Name it “Save Publishing” or “Twitter Thing” or something like that and tap Save.
  3. Once the wrong bookmark is saved with the right title, tap the Bookmarks icon (looks like a little open book) and then tap Edit.
  4. Find the Save Publishing bookmark you just created and remove the URL then paste in the code you copied in Step 1.

That’s it!

Or you could just add the bookmarklet to Chrome or Safari on a computer if you have iCloud or Google set up to sync your bookmarks. That would work, too.

It's open-sourced!

Check out our Github repo and go BANANAS.

Who did this?

Paul Ford, It started as a joke and now it's serious and I use it all day.

Since it's open-sourced other people are helping

Privacy Statement

SavePublishing runs in your browser. It does not know who you are, or what your Twitter account handle is. It uses no cookies today. In the future it may use cookies so that your browser can remember your preferences.

Basically: It tracks how it's used, but it doesn't track who uses it.

Why is it called SavePublishing?

Everyone else has web software that is going to save publishing. Why can't I have some too?